Health Data Analytics and Statistics Center

To ensure a high degree of academic competitiveness in TMU, the Center conducts biostatistics teaching, statistical consultation services and assists with academic research to help meet international research standards. In terms of services, the Center provides statistical consultation and analysis services for students, full-time faculty and staff in TMU, and full-time staff in its affiliated hospitals. In terms of research, the Center combines the basic medical and clinical trial resources of TMU and its six hospitals to enhance academic research through learning and cooperating with each other. In terms of teaching, biostatistics courses are integrated to provide students with basic biostatistics knowledge. In addition, academic lectures and clinical trial courses are held from time to time to cultivate professional knowledge of biostatistics in TMU and its six hospitals.

Service targets:

Teachers and students in TMU and staff at three of its hospitals (Taipei Medical University Hospital, Wanfang Hospital, and Shuang Ho Hospital).

Service Items:

  1. Research design and sample size calculation in the early stage of a research; statistical method recommendations and data analysis in the middle stage of a research; interpretation of statistical results in the later stage of a research; and responses to Reviewer questions after paper submission.
  2. Assist with the statistical writing, experimental design and data analysis of clinical trial plans for each phase.
  3. Establishment, management and application of database.
  4. Cooperate with TMU and hospital research teams.
  5. Selection and analysis of genetic research methods.
  6. Training courses on statistical analysis methods and calculation.

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